Wednesday, September 20, 2017

For My Baby Boy...

For My Baby Boy…

Sitting on a park bench
My ta-ta’s exposed for the world to see,
I give you sustenance
My beautiful baby boy.

Walking in the mall,
You at my jugs
Slurping lunch, while
I shop for the perfect gift.

Visiting friends
You call for dinner,
So I whip out my knockers
Disturbing round-eyed husbands
Who cannot look away.

I sit at the concert
The cans are overflowing
Drenching my shirt.
I wake you
To staunch the flow,
And shock waves hit the audience around me
Like a tsunami.

I hope when you are a man
My baby boy,
You know …
Boobies are a place of nourishment
An honored place of provender,
More than sexual titillation,
More than your personal playthings.

I hope when you are a man
My beautiful baby boy,

You remember.

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